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When it comes to the environment, activists often bump up against the problem of scale. How do you mobilize for action when you’re defending massive ecosystems against seemingly small, incremental changes? In the last decade, a surge in environmental documentaries have transformed public awareness by bringing striking images of natural devastation to audiences around the world. With a different film each week, this series will explore how documentaries impact public imagination and transform the way we engage with the natural world and the politics that surround it. Join us for this series of Movie Mondays at Citizen, our event space in the heart of the Mississippi neighborhood.

Movie Mondays at Citizen offer the informal, intimate atmosphere of watching a movie at home, but add the conversation. We're bringing movie-watching back into the community, bringing in local activists to introduce each film and concluding the night with open, thought-provoking discussion.  

Cost: Free with a $5 Membership Fee to Citizen.
Beer provided by Stormbreaker Brewing.


October 9 – If A Tree Falls (2011)
October 16 – The Cove (2009)
October 23 – Encounters at the End of the World (2007)
TBD – An Inconvenient Sequel (2017) [Physicians for Social Responsibility private screening]

Media Institute for Social Change is a 501(c)3 non profit, educational organization. This series is intended for educational purposes only.