Summer Documentary Program Alumni Profiles

In celebration of all the emerging media producers from ten years of our Summer Documentary Program, and in an effort to continue to share stories of social change, MISC is excited to profile our alumni and the inspiring work they're up to around the country. This week we're proud to introduce Robin Hertz, an Reed College alumna Ph.D. student at the University of Oregon. 


Currently working on my Ph.D. studies at UO. My most recent project is an interdisciplinary, theoretical, and empirical literature review of the impact of child maltreatment on development, and more specifically the impact of child maltreatment on parenting the next generation. The research angle is, can mindfulness (i.e., the consciousness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, to the present moment, nonjudgmentally) practices help ameliorate the risk of the intergenerational child maltreatment? I am also working part-time as a psychotherapist in training at the Eugene VA Behavioral Health Recovery and Reintegration Services clinic, and working as the clinic assistant coordinator at the UO Psychology Clinic.

Education: Reed College 2010 BA Psychology; University of Wyoming 2013 MS Psychology; University of Oregon Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in progress.

2009 Summer Documentary Program
Watch Robin's student video project: A Home of My Own
Listen to Robin's student radio piece: Returning Veteran's Project

What is a lasting memory from your summer with MISC?
I still vividly remember the presentations we gave at a Portland City Council meeting that we attended. I look back fondly at the camaraderie and purpose we shared together - that was wonderful!

Can you recommend a film, podcast, book, or media work?
Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation by Daniel J. Siegel, MD - an approachable, science-based book about overcoming personal limitations that stem from the difficulties we encounter in life. Informative and inspiring! Since the election, I have discovered podcaster Dan Carlin (Common Sense and Hardcore History); he's got a great voice and refreshingly nonpartisan perspective on politics - highly recommended!

Thanks for sharing with us, Robin! To learn more about the Summer Documentary Program, visit

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