A Piece of Portland

Today the students of MISC went to the Northwest Film Center and learned a great deal about the services they provide to the community. We all sat and ate some Mississippi Pizza as the staff members talked about their roles in the non-profit organization. Even though the day was devoted to seeing the Film Center and learning about what the staff do on a daily basis, most of us spent the rest of the day in an editing room putting the final touches on our projects for tomorrow’s review panel.

Alex and I spent hours in a closet sized room at Portland Community Media editing our piece, and after four hours we finally have 2 minutes and 38 seconds of our first draft! (Needless to say we will be heading back tomorrow morning to finish up) But on my way home I couldn’t help but reflect on my time here in Portland. It’s hard to believe that just 5 weeks ago I had arrived in Portland with no idea who I would meet and only a vague idea of what I wanted out of the program, now having been here for 5 weeks I feel attached to this city and grateful for all the memories I will carry along with me when I leave. Oddly enough I am going to miss doing work every day, I am going to miss franticly checking my email each morning hoping that I haven’t missed a dead line or forgotten to do an assignment. I am going to miss having words like B-roll, ambi, and white-balance as a part of my vocabulary, I’m going to miss that good old Mississippi Pizza and I’m going to miss the colorful characters I encountered on the bus each day.

Portland has been my greatest adventure and regardless of how tomorrow goes I am glad I get to leave with a piece of Portland in my memory, and through the video documentary that Alex and I produce, I will leave a piece of me in Portland.