The art of the Schlep

I feel bad for people who do not have the word “schlep” in their vocabulary. It is a word that is drenched in sweat and discomfort, shooting out of the front of the mouth bringing spittle with it. I schlepped today. I schlepped hard. This morning, I rode the bus from Division to Corbett Avenue to the DAYA Foundation in order to film its Adaptive Yoga Class. Sweating from the walk to the bus stop, I nearly clocked the bus driver in the head with my tripod that was hanging rom my shoulder. I took up three seats on the bus at first, but as the bus became more crowded, my island of equipment shrunk to an overstuffed seat in the back of the bus.

Filming at DAYA went great. The class is tailored to people with muscular disabilities such as MS and Scleroderma, and so it was a challenge to bring dynamism and riveting excitement to the movements of the class. Thanks to Rose, we used a dolly and swiveled our camera around the room to get some great tracking shots. Erion, the subject of our documentary, is still in New Orleans at a Scleroderma conference, but Trisha and I cannot wait to interview this man. He is really remarkable. I won’t give too much away about the film right now, so I will leave Erion’s description at remarkable.

After filming, we met with Jonathon Marrs, one of the SDP’s video mentors, and this man is awesome. Our initial meeting lasted two and-a- half hours and was just a casual conversation. He showed us his gear and some of his latest projects. He is great asset to MISC. Today’s meeting was different. He watched some of our footage, giving pointers on how to best capture the space of the yoga studio. A lot of his help will come at the beginning of next week when we have our interview with Erion and footage of his living situation, but the meeting was still a good re-centering.