Scavenger Hunt Misadventures

On Friday, July 1st, after an editing workshop at KBOO, all of us Summer Documentary Program students were split into four teams, given $5 and a packet of information. Our task? To complete a scavenger hunt in under 3 hours. The team that completed the hunt the fastest, won. The scavenger hunt was designed to teach us a bit about Portland, get to know the city, and have some fun doing along the way.

Lindsey, Carinna, and I dubbed our team the Bicycle B*tches because we are three awesome ladies who all happened to be riding our bikes that day. Immediately, we knew that this gave us an edge. We had speed on our side. However, just a block away from KBOO, the chain slipped off Lindsey’s bike and was stuck. We three took turns yanking it, trying fruitlessly to free it and place it back on the chain ring. Eventually, Lindsey decided to track down a near-by bicycle shop for help. Of course, as soon as Lindsey turned the corner and was out of earshot, Carinna was finally able to free the chain and place it back on the ring. When Lindsey came back, we were on our way again.

After crossing the Hawthorne Bridge, the oldest lift bridge in the U.S., we stopped by Sisters of the Road, a non-profit restaurant that provides food regardless of ability to pay. Then we navigated our way to Powell’s Bookstore where we matched all the room colors to the genre of books they contain. With a little help from some kind, young skateboarders, we also found our way to the Zoobomb Pile. This pile of chained up bikes is a monument to the Zoobombers who ride down the West Hills on mini-bikes. Our final stop was at the Crystal Ballroom. At this point, though we had many more stops in our scavenger hunt, we had to call it quits as we had run out of time.

Even though we weren’t able to make it to every stop on the list, we all had so much fun cycling around Portland. For me, what made it especially fruitful was the experience of talking to a wide variety of strangers, each of them incredibly friendly and kind. And it was their willingness to help us out and have a chat with us that made me feel excited that I get live and learn in Portland.