When I’m feeling like my media intake needs to be leavened by some feel-good visual enjoyment

Since this is my last scheduled blog post, I originally planned to write about my personal viewpoint on the convoluted relationship between media and social change. But with the crazy, often depressing stories that have lately been making their rounds on the news, I decided that readers might appreciate a lighter topic. As such, here are some of my favorite videos to watch when I’m feeling like my media intake needs to be leavened by some feel-good visual enjoyment.

Three things that I feel obligated to say before you read on:

  1. These videos are all of white men, which I feel guilty about, but I guess I consume video in a bubble that needs to be expanded. I will work diligently on that.
  2. These are all sports docs in some way, but please give them a chance anyway.
  3. Sorry for the listicle type format of this post. I hate listicles as much as the next person, but they are an easy format for sharing things.

I came across Floater this afternoon, and though it is essentially an advertisement for a clothing company, I still loved it. The playful editing, the muted colors, and (of course) the special-effects trickery make this little guy captivating, even if you’re not a surfing fan.

Apologies in advance for another piece of branded content (such is life in the world of outdoor videos), but this one has a fantastic story. Frank inspires me every time I see him on screen. He has that light in his eyes reserved for people who have emerged from a dark past, found something to love, and shared that something with strangers (who inevitably become friends). Plus, he has rockin’ dance moves.

When I’m dreaming of escape from school or work, Slomo gives me hope. Also, this story speaks to the fact that the person who looks crazy from the outside may actually be extremely intelligent and insightful. ‘nuff said.

So much two-planked creativity in places where two planks were not meant to go. When I watch Real Skifi videos, I’m reminded that deficit can be a rich source of invention. I’m also reminded that skiing is just plain fun.

A final cheers from your devoted student of documentary, storytelling and outdoor play,