From the Midwest to the West Coast

Coming from the Midwest I thought Portland would be 80 degrees hot, but when I got off my flight on Friday afternoon, I quickly realized it was 60 degrees cool. I also had this idea that we would be in the forest the whole time camping and again, quickly realized that wasn't the case and we'd be spending my time in a beach house fully equipped with wifi, cable, and a dishwasher.

Even though my thoughts of how West Coast weather and living conditions were a little off from the real Oregon (which I keep pronouncing Or-e-gone), I've fallen in love with the state. Not only did I fall in love with the scenery and the cleanliness (compared to Chicago), I fell in love with the Summer Documentary Program and the group of students to which I belong. Everyone brings something different to the table and has wonderful ideas and characteristics--I'm kind of sad writing this because we're no longer under the same roof.

But now that I'm in Portland, I've fallen in love with a few other things too (not including bus transportation), like my host family, Robin and Richard. They sit around the dinner table listening to classical music while spinning yarn out of goat hairs. I'm also accompanied by their two, fluffy brown cats. Another lovely thing at my homestay is the bookstore down the street, Powell's, which has every book imaginable and other little trinkets I'm tempted to buy. Hopefully. in the next few weeks I can get the hang of the bus routes, instead of giving up and jumping off the bus and walking a few miles to my location. I can't wait for the rest of my time in Portland and continuing to fall in love with little things, people, and places.