The Panel Review

Yesterday afternoon, we shared our audio documentaries with Peter Frick-Wright and radio mentors Phoebe Flanigan, Sarina Fong, and Alex Ward. I woke up feeling anxious because I was unsure what the reaction would be to my project. Although everyone worked hard, it’s a vulnerable position to be in- sharing your work with others. The difference was this time there was added pressure. We were sharing our work with experts, people who have been involved in the field for awhile and have had a lot of experience.

“I don’t think that’s an opportunity you get really often as a student,” said Carinna Nikkel, whose documentary was on the Community Cycling Center in Portland. “It was really cool, I thought. Because I think it was nervewracking to kind of present a radio piece you had made in the last week to a bunch of really cool radio producers and all of your peers but it was also a really big honor to get to be critiqued by professionals.”

Ah yes, we got to be critiqued! And it turned out to be a more pleasant experience than expected.

“They were just so nice and constructive,” said Lindsey Smith, whose piece was about the Portland Fruit Tree Project. “I don’t really think I’ve ever been critiqued in that way that was just so helpful. I get offended really easily about stuff that I make but I wasn’t offended.”

For Dylan Walker, who made a documentary about the Intergenerational Outreach Choir, the feedback was good and also cleared up some questions. More importantly, I learned, making the piece has been inspiring.

“I’m super proud,” Dylan said. “I’m super proud of the organization that I profiled, too. In fact, I think I want to call the director and to keep profiling choir members.”

My favorite part of everyone’s documentaries:

Carinna’s honesty (feeling silly when Turner was teaching her); Lindsay’s soundscape (that apple bite!!); Rashad’s description of the fair; Sindi’s patience (letting her character speak which showed his personality); Frankie’s completeness (when the camper says not a lot of boys can say they’ve made apps/essence of story); Dylan’s soundbites (so many great ones!); Alex’s questions for interviewees (this led to great answers!); Kate’s narration (from the start, I was hooked); Trisha’s use of facts to tell why the nonprofit is important; North’s story’s progression and ambi noise (the truck sounds); and Zach’s tone (in the beginning, using the music from an art installation).