Summer Documentary Program Alumni Profiles

In celebration of all the emerging media producers from ten years of our Summer Documentary Program, and in an effort to continue to share stories of social change, MISC is excited to profile our alumni and the inspiring work they're up to around the country. This week we're proud to introduce Savannah Tracy, an Oberlin College alumna and Communications and Engagement Fellow at a nonprofit in Pittsburgh. 

2015 Summer Documentary Program
Video: A Second Chance
Radio: Portland Mercado


Currently, I am doing a year-long volunteer service program with the Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience (PULSE). During my time in Pittsburgh, I am living co-op-style with 4 other volunteers and working at a nonprofit. The nonprofit I was placed in, The Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America (CASANA), works nationally to support children who have apraxia of speech and their families. As the Communications and Engagement Fellow; I work with different kinds of media to help the organization tell its story and impact. Later in the year, I will hopefully be helping them develop a podcast for their wide audience of parents across the US and North America.

Education: Oberlin College, 2016 (Sociology and Religion double major)

What is a lasting memory from your summer with MISC?
I’ll always remember the friendship my team formed with Emanual Price (the Executive Director of SCAFÉ and the subject of our film) as a highlight of my time in Portland. I felt fortunate to get to know him and his incredible work while documenting his organization.

Can you recommend a film, podcast, book, or media work?
My go-to podcast right now is Strangers. The storytelling is exquisite. It makes me cry about 75% of the time - while *you* might not want that in a podcast, it does speak to the power of the stories. And Peter Frick Wright and Robbie Carver’s (two instructors in our Summer Documentary Program) Outside Podcast! It’s so good. I also read and loved Maggie Nelson’s The Argonauts recently. It’s a memoir of her relationship with her non-binary partner. As a poet, her prose is lyrical and full of moments that ask you to think.

Thanks for sharing your work with us, Savannah! Learn more about the Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience, the Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America, or the Summer Documentary Program

Emanuel Price is an educator, community organizer, activist, founder of a non-profit, and also an ex-con. His organization, Second Chances Are For Everyone, (SCAFÉ), is committed to opening doors who have done their time and want to get back on track. Film made during the Media Institute for Social Change's 2015 Summer Documentary Program by Kendra Pittman (Virginia Commonwealth University '16), Savannah Tracy (Oberlin College '16), and Rebecca Reibstein (Smith College '16).