Summer Documentary Program Alumni Profiles

In celebration of all the emerging media producers from ten years of our Summer Documentary Program, and in an effort to continue to share stories of social change, MISC is excited to profile our alumni and the inspiring work they're up to around the country. This week we're proud to introduce North Bennett, a Junior at Whitman College and very recent alumni. Thanks North!


For the next two weeks I'll be camped out in the library, but after the semester ends I'll be doing my first paid video work for a non-profit back in my hometown of Bellingham, Washington.

2016 Summer Documentary Program (see North's student media work below)
Video: Olive & Dingo
Radio: Rescuing Food and Fighting Hunger

Education: Whitman College, planning to graduate in May 2018 with a B.A. in Environmental Humanities.

What is a lasting memory from your summer with MISC?
I keep looking back to the afternoon Lindsey Smith (Co-Director of Olive & Dingo) and I spent with Dingo Dizmal and Olive Rootbeer in front of The Pie Spot. It was a warm, sunny day and not many people showed up for their Storytime show. Still, they did a great performance (and Lindsey and I got some of my favorite shots in the film). Afterward, we had a fantastic off-camera conversation with them and they let us try riding their tall bikes. It was the first time I felt like we had really gained their trust and friendship, and that they cared about us and our film too.

Can you recommend a film, podcast, book, or media work?
My history teacher shared the digital art piece "1945-1998" by Isao Hashimoto with our class, and I found it absolutely bone-chilling. The way it portrays nuclear testing and builds momentum throughout time is powerful, terrifying, and thought-provoking.

In addition to attending classes, North produces original video content for Whitman College's newspaper, The Whitman Wire. Click below to watch a short film by North about a recent march in Walla Walla, Washington against the Dakota Access Pipeline and another about a speed Rubik's Cube genius at Whitman. 

250 protesters walked down Main Street and up Third Ave. to the Army Corps of Engineers office to deliver a signed letter requesting that the Walla Walla branch of the Corps denounce the pipeline and urge a halt to construction. Read more: Video by North Bennett
Videographer North Bennett splotlights Whitman student, and talented rubix virtuoso, Ian Bourn. Ian provides insight into his process and mindset as he solves these complex puzzles while making it look all too easy.

And here is North's media from summer:

Over the past decade, Portland clown Dingo Dizmal has personified the pinch many artists feel in the city--the struggle to stay true to their punk roots while still making enough money to afford staying in Portland's increasingly expensive housing market. Priced-out of the notorious Clown House he established on Alberta Street, Dingo now performs with wife Olive Rootbeer in local coffee shops, at children's parties, and during community events. Today, Olive and Dingo live out the current tension between Portland’s quirky recent past and increasingly gentrified present. Filmed during the 2016 Summer Documentary Program by North Bennett (Whitman College 2018) and Lindsey Smith (Macalester College 2016).