Summer Documentary Program Alumni Profiles

In celebration of all the emerging media producers from ten years of our Summer Documentary Program, and in an effort to continue to share stories of social change, MISC is excited to profile our alumni and the exciting work they're up to around the country. So, without further ado, we're proud to introduce Colin Christopher, one alumni helping to make inspiring positive change in his community. 

Executive Director of Green Muslims, a national faith-based environmental education and advocacy non-profit organization; Deputy Director of Government Affairs at Dar al Hijrah Islamic Center, the largest mosque in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area

2010 Summer Documentary Program (see Colin's student media below)
Video: Urban Chickens 
Radio: Mercy Corps NW: Empowering Women Through Microfinance 

Education: George Washington University, 2006 (B.A. in Political Science)
University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2013 (Master's in International Public Affairs)

What is a lasting memory from your summer with MISC?
The intersection of the creative process with political advocacy was a constant theme throughout the summer, providing us with an understanding that these two worlds, often needlessly separated, are best activated when they work together!

Can you recommend a film, podcast, book, or media work?
The Righteous Mind by Jonathan HaidtIf we don't understand how people understand the political landscape through their various moral lenses, we will never be able to reach certain groups and effective communicate our progressive messages. This is truly a must-read book for policy advocates; especially progressives who are still confused about how a Trump Presidency is upon us.

Read this article from The Washington Post on Colin's reaction to President Elect Trump's call for a registry of Muslim Americans and watch for more alumni profiles in the coming weeks! To learn more about the Summer Documentary Program, visit

Watch this short film, Muslims Taking Action with V.O.I.C.E., about Colin's his work toward interfaith community engagement.

Pictured below: Colin greeting President Obama for his first visit to an American mosque in February 2016.

Urban Chickens illustrated how backyard chicken coops can reduce carbon footprints. Made during the 2010 Summer Documentary Program by Colin Christopher (George Washington University and University of Wisconsin), Katherine Bascom (Wesleyan University ’10) and Caroline Koehler (Whitman College ’12).

Thanks for sharing your work with us, Colin!